ACC’s 2nd annual Sword Athena kicks off this month

  • Published
  • By Jennifer Spradlin
  • HQ ACC Public Affairs

Air Combat Command is excited to kick off the second-annual Sword Athena 2021 (SA2021) forum for rising leaders across all ranks to focus on issues that impact readiness this month!

The SA2021 event, modeled after the Weapons and Tactic Conferences (WEPTAC), focus’ on female, family and human centric issues. Using Mission Area Working Groups (MAWGs), each MAWG will address crowd-sourced issues and present short, medium, or long-term solutions.

"I need SA2021 to focus on finding ways to identify and reduce predictable stressors for ACC Airmen, as well as explore efforts to foster spouse inclusivity," said Gen. Mark Kelly, commander Air Combat Command. "The Chief of Staff of the Air Force's 'Accelerate Change or Lose' document states, 'We must place value in multi-capable and adaptable team builders and courageous problem solvers who demonstrate value in diversity of thought, ingenuity, and initiative.' This is exactly what I need Sword Athena to do and precisely who I need our teams to nominate to the MAWGs."

With SA2021 going virtual, the number nominees is limited to one per active duty and ARC-aligned wing, every ACC Airmen is encouraged to use this new, digital platform to specify barriers and proposed solutions: As a backup, Airmen can submit at

“Although the requirement to conduct the inaugural event virtually did not impact the output, we intend to continue evolving to add more attendees -- hopefully in person, for SA2022," said Lt. Col. Veronica Brownheim, Sword Athena team member.

The current MAWG categories include Mental Health, Workplace and Training, Family and Children, and Creating a Safe Psychological Space in our work centers. Based on COMACC priorities, two additional MAWGs will be included in SA2021: Total Force and Spouse Inclusivity, specifically male and same-sex spouses.