CG - Air National Guard Forces Assistant to COMACC - Maj. Gen. Floyd Dunstan
CR - AF Reserve Mobilization Assistant to COMACC - Maj. Gen. Christopher A. Freeman
DS - Director of Staff - Col. David R. Gunter
IA - Political Advisor - Mr. Thomas K. Gainey
A1 - Directorate of Manpower and Personnel - Col. Tiaa Henderson
A2 - Intelligence Directorate - Col. Abraham Jackson
A3 - Directorate of Air and Space Operations - Maj. Gen. David G. Shoemaker
A4 - Directorate of Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection - Brig. Gen. Jennifer Hammerstedt
A5/8/9 - Directorate of Plans, Programs and Requirements - Maj. Gen. Christopher J. Niemi

A6 - Communications Directorate - Col. Jeffrey A. Phillips

A10 - Director of Strategic Deterrence & Nuclear Integration- Mr. Lawrence Averbeck

FM - Comptroller - Col. Jack P. Gardner
HC - Command Chaplain - Col. William Braswell
IG - Inspector General - Col. John B. Gallemore

JA - Staff Judge Advocate - Col. Tyson D. Kindness

PA - Director of Public Affairs - Col. John J. Sheets

ST - Scientific Advisor to the Commander - Dr. John D. Matyjas
SE - Director of Safety - Col. Joseph Augustine

SG - Command Surgeon - Col. Dolphis Hall

HO - Command Historian - Mr. Michael Dugre
AMIC - Acquisition Management & Integration Center - Mr. Timothy Applegate

CDIO - Command Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Ms. Andrea Contratto


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